Pack AUTOFLUID logiciels dédiés aux ingénieurs projeteurs dessinateurs fluides
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Pack AUTOFLUID - MEP software by Tracéocad compatible with AutoCAD Bricscad ZWCAD Exemples de réseaux aérauliques, hydrauliques et sanitaires dessinés avec les logiciels de la suite AUTOFLUID

The AUTOFLUID 10 pack

AUTOFLUID is the CAD package of choice for professionals in the fields of HVAC, sanitary, medical and industrial fluids. AUTOFLUID is widely adopted throughout the profession, from international firms to independent offices. Our users have made us the leader in France.

The suite is composed of 6 applications that were created by usersfor users to save you precious time. We’re experts in the field of engineering for fluids and we're doing our best to develop the simplest and the most pragmatic tools.

With AUTOFLUID you can configure, draw and dress technical drawings in just a few mouse clicks. An exhaustive gallery of graphical components insure the highest level of precision and graphic quality. Plans created with AUTOFLUID are always clear, reliable and produced in the shortest time.

AUTOFLUID offers a reliable and efficient solution for engineering practices in the fields of HVAC and fluids looking to collaborate on BIM projects. AUTOBIM3D transforms your 2D network plans into 3D models in IFC or RVT format, ready to be used in all your BIM project.

To get started in the best possible way or to improve existing knowledge, Tracéocad offers beginner and expert training for each application.

AUTOGAINE Logiciel climatisation chauffage AUTOTUBE Logiciel hydraulique chauffage AUTOSAN Logiciel plomberie
AUTOCOUPE Logiciel de création de coupe DZETACAD Calcul de pertes de charge AUTOBIM3D Xport Logiciel export IFC de réseaux 3D CVC

AUTOBIM3D Xport and RVT-Connect

AUTOBIM3D Xport is the IFC format export module of the AUTOFLUID 10 package. It preserves all the data embedded into your drawings and insures seamless compatibility with most commonly used CAD packages. It transforms your 2D network designs into accurate and reliable 3D networks, that can be further edited inside your modelling package.

RVT-Connect, is a free plug-in for REVIT that bridges AUTOFLUID and REVIT. It complements AUTOBIM3D by helping you manage your networks inside the 3D model. It can be installed by any member of the BIM project looking to export accurate drawing backgrounds from the 3D model or to embed 3D networks designed with AUTOFLUID into REVIT, for example. Find out more about RVT-Connect.

Autofluid-10 RVT-Connect