BIM World: Tracéocad's vision - from wishful theory to actual practice

In theory, designing HVAC networks in BIM software should save us time and reduce margin for error. At least, this is the benefit many modelling packages advertise. But in practice, are we really gaining efficiency?

On paper, any modelling package should let us specify the right openings in walls according to the shape of a HVAC network, in just a few mouse clicks. However, in reality, designing networks in modelling packages is time consuming and engineers often struggle to deliver their designs before-hand. As a result, openings are often set wrongly.

Again, in theory, one should be able to generate cross-sections and ready to use 2D plans directly from a 3D model. But actually, these automatic plans are merely flattened projections of the 3D, which are almost unusable as they are.

Let’s be honest, the only intelligence able to understand and to translate a 3D model of your complex HVAC network into reliable 2D plans, is yours. As any draftsman knows, a technical drawing is not merely a picture of reality, it also shows hidden information. It’s a shared language that uses conventions, codes and dimensioning to help avoiding miscommunication and errors on the building site.

Taking into account the actual limits of designing HVAC networks in modelling packages, AUTOBIM3D was created with the aim to increase design speed and reliability of plans in BIM projects, which are among the most fundamental requirements in our profession.

Thanks to the package’s efficient 2D drafting tools, which made the success of AUTOFLUID (see diagram), AUTOBIM3D lets you draft, study and finalise networks in time and without mistake. Then AUTOBIM3D takes care of embedding your networks perfectly into the BIM project you’re working in. You’re benefiting from:

> State of the art 2D plans and cross sections
> 3D models enriched with all the data you need already available in BricsCAD BIM
> Compatibility with .DWG (Autocad, Bricscad, Zwcad), with .IFC (REVIT, ALLPLAN,
    ARCHICAD, BricsCAD, ...) and with .RVT (REVIT) *
> Clash detection 

*Up-coming: control your AUTOBIM3D native networks directly into the main modelling packages. In time, AUTOBIM3D will generate REVIT native networks.

For more information:

>  Find out more on AUTOBIM3D 
Contact our Sales Department, ask for a customized Demonstration, and receive
    an AUTOFLUID trial version.

Your AUTOFLUID guide gets adapted

January 2021

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The patch c33 for AUTOFLUID10 has been released !

October 2020

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Promotion: -20% to -25% on our new long term subscriptions

July 2020

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The patch c32 for AUTOFLUID10 has been released !

May 2020

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Discover how to embed your networks in the BIM model

April 2020

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Discover how to generate 2D plans from the BIM model

March 2020

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Discover RVT-Connect, our new plug-in for REVIT.

March 2020

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The patch c31 for AUTOFLUID10 has been released !

December 2019

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-30% on a perpetual license, -15% on annual rental
AUTOFLUID10 – BIM Xport Pack

July 2019

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Video: export in IFC the 3D networks
with AUTOBIM3D Xport

October 2018

Video AUTOBIM3D Xport : Export in IFC the 3D HVAC networks
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AUTOBIM3D Xport: the future revealed

July 2018

AUTOBIM3D Xport: the future revealed - 25% discount
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BIM World : Tracéocad's vision

March 2018

BIM World : Tracéocad's vision, AUTOBIM3D publisher
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AUTOFLUID 10 is now compatible with
BricsCAD V18 – Watch the videos to see more

December 2017

AUTOFLUID 10 and BricsCAD V18 MEP CAD software
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Paris, Louvre 10-25-17: We were at the Bricsys International Conference

November 2017

Bricsys 2017 Paris conference - CAD MEP software
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-30% on 3D ! Let's celebrate 1 year of AUTOBIM3D

July 2017

Discount on AUTOBIM3D - AUTOFLUID10 MEP software suite

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AUTOBIM3D New video: How to integrate HVAC networks into a BIM model

July 2017

AUTOBIM3D New video: Integrating HVAC and plumbing networks into a BIM model a

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New patch: AutoCAD 2018 and Bricscad V17 Pro compatibility

April 2017

AUTOFLUID 10 Compatibility with ACAD 2018 and Bricscad V17 Pro

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AUTOBIM3D: 3D models within everyone's reach

March 2017

AUTOBIM3D - 3D models within everyone's reach

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Special offer on AUTOFLUID 10 + AUTOBIM3D

July 2016

Special offer on AUTOFLUID and AUTOBIM3D MEP CAD software

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New patch: AutoCAD 2017 Compatibility  + AUTOBIM3D free trial version

May 2016

AUTOFLUID 10 Compatibility with AutoCAD 2017 - free trial version for AUTOBIM3D

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November 2015

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Rent AUTOFLUID 10 and make your life easier!

May 2015

To help you meet a specific need, or a tight cash flow, Tracéocad now offers different rental possibilities…
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AUTOFLUID 10 + AutoCAD 2016 compatibility

April 2015

AUTOFLUID 10 is now compatible with the AutoCAD latest version…
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New videos for AUTOFLUID 10

March 2015

AUTOFLUID 10 Presentation video

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We wish you all the best for 2015

January 2015

 Happy 2015 The Tracéocad team wishes you all the best for 2015...
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Pre-order AUTOFLUID 10 now

November 2014

It's official, AUTOFLUID 10 will be available from the 1st of December 2014! Boost your productivity before everyone else: pre-order your pack now...

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AutoFLUID: Our education program is developing

October 2014

At the start of the 2014 academic year, many of the most active universities and colleges teaching subjects in fluids engineering...

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BIC 2014: Bricsys International Conference

October 2014

 Bricsys Conference BIC2014 - Tracéocad AutoFLUID editor We were at the Bricsys International Conference in Barcelona.
This was an occasion to re-affirm the strong collaboration...

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Traceocad : AutoFLUID to BricsCAD Pro V14 compatibility

March 2014

AutoFLUID 2009 is now compatible with BricsCAD's V14 Pro version...
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New Tracéocad office in Aix en Provence

January 2014

In 2014, Tracéocad are growing. We are deploying our teams in Aix en Provence...

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Tracéocad upgrade at Pau University

December 2013 

The DUT course in HVAC engineering re-fitted their work stations with the latest AutoFLUID 2009...

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Sales: AutoFLUID

June 2013 

Summer sales are fast approaching: Tracéocad turns the heat up! -30% ...

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Tracéocad : AutoFLUID and ZWCAD+ 2014 compatibility

September 2013

ZWCAD+ 2014 is now available.

More and more of you are using this option...

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New support page for Autofluid 2009

October 2013

Any question, any hurdle... Head to find answers to common issues...

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Tracéocad : AutoFLUID on YouTube

December 2013

Tracéocad welcomes you on YouTube...


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