A software suite designed by users, for users.

For 18 years, AutoFLUID has remained the French market leader in drafting packages that specialise in HVAC engineering and plumbing.

It has become a market reference thanks to high quality graphics and a simplicity of use such that even new users can respond fast to the most advanced requests.

A clear and neat drawing is only achievable with precise and specific tools. We've created an exhaustive library of graphic shortcuts and symbols, allowing perfect accuracy.

The AutoFLUID suite applications extend beyond drafting, making it the heart of your production.

Logo AutoFLUID by Traceocad CAD software for hvac drafting Autosan Autogaine Autocoupe Autotube Dzetacad

AutoGAINE - AutoTUBE - AutoSAN - AutoCOUPE - DzetaCAD
Dimensioning - Duct routing - Pressure drops computation
Intersections management - File management - Openings - Bills of materials - Layout design


The AutoFLUID suite relies on powerful graphic engines :

AutoCAD by Autodesk compatible with AutoFLUID 2009 for technical drawing of 2d dwg plans specialised in fluids engineering

Cadsta Max for AutoFLUID 2009 and Autocad LT ; software package for technical 2d hvac drawing

Logo Bricscad compatible with AutoFLUID 2009 by Traceocad software package for the drafting of air conditioning plumbing and heating

ZWCAD AutoCAD clone for AutoFLUID 2009 software package for drafting of airducts pipeducts sanitary networks

Pre-order AUTOFLUID 10 now  HVAC and PLUMBING CAD application

It's official, AUTOFLUID 10 will be available from the 1st of December 2014! Boost your productivity before everyone else: pre-order your pack now...
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AutoFLUID: Our education program is developing

- October 2014 -

At the start of the 2014 academic year, many of the most active universities and colleges teaching subjects in fluids engineering...

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BIC 2014: Bricsys International Conference

- October 2014 -

 Bricsys Conference BIC2014 - Tracéocad AutoFLUID editor We were at the Bricsys International Conference in Barcelona.
This was an occasion to re-affirm the strong collaboration...

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Traceocad : AutoFLUID to BricsCAD Pro V14 compatibility

- March 2014 -

AutoFLUID 2009 is now compatible with BricsCAD's V14 Pro version...
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New Tracéocad office in Aix en Provence

- January 2014 -

In 2014, Tracéocad are growing. We are deploying our teams in Aix en Provence...

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Tracéocad upgrade at Pau university

- December 2013 -

The DUT course in HVAC engineering re-fitted their work stations with the latest AutoFLUID 2009...

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Sales: AutoFLUID

- June 2013 -

Summer sales are fast approaching: Tracéocad turns the heat up! -30% ...

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Tracéocad : AutoFLUID and ZWCAD+ 2014 compatibility

- September 2013 -

ZWCAD+ 2014 is now available.

More and more of you are using this option...

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New support page for Autofluid 2009

- October 2013 -

Any question, any hurdle... Head to find answers to common issues...

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Tracéocad : AutoFLUID on YouTube

- December 2013 -

Tracéocad welcomes you on YouTube...


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